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Coming in September 2017…

Enrol NOW…there are still a few places left in WHITE!

WHITE is our new up-coming full-year Interdisciplinary Concept Course. It’s a 6 credit course being offered on Mondays from 12:30-3:30pm and here’s what you can expect. Every second class will be taught by a professor from a different discipline each of whom takes their own unique approach to the topic. We try to balance the sciences, social sciences and humanities so the experience of interdisciplinarity is a complex one.  Here are a few teasers from WHITE so far.

We have Dr. Mukund Jha from Chemistry doing a class on the pharmacology of cocaine and Dr Justin Carre from Psychology on the relationship between men with high testosterone and lying (Spoiler alert, they lie more!). Dr. Tony Parkes from Biology will be exploring human genetics and race and Dr Susan Srigley from Religions and Cultures will be talking about religion and purity – think of all those white habits, white robes and white light that goes with sacred traditions. Dr Sarah Winters from English will be exploring the significance of the white devil character in fantasy stories and Dr. Steve Connor from History is going to offer a lecture on how the “White Box” first edition of Dungeons and Dragons changed the world – whether we know it or not (Oh and there’s an experiential component of this one – we’re going to be playing D & D in the seminar).

There’s so much more to come so keep checking back in here. As each of the profs formalize what their classes will be about, we’ll upload the title and blurb.  In the meantime, what you also need to know is that every second class is a seminar where we do the work of pulling together the connections between such vastly different topics, disciplines and themes. This is where the rubber really hits the road with interdisciplinarity. This is where we learn not only what interdisciplinarity is but how to do it well and why it matters. Check out the earlier courses DIRT, SLOTH, SECRETS, WATER and GENIUS so get more of a sense of the kinds of things we do.







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