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Because the World Doesn’t Exist in Neat Categories….

Enrolment is open for the 2018-19 INTD 2005 course TROJANS. Just go to webadviser and look for it under Interdisciplinary Studies. It’s a 6 credit class on Mondays at 3:30-6:20pm and it counts as a cross-list for GESJ as well as for Social Welfare but otherwise, it’s one of the best electives you’ll do…we promise!

How it all works…

We are looking forward to another amazing year where twelve profs from twelve different disciplines across the science,  social sciences and arts and humanities all get to show you why Nipissing has such a great reputation for teaching. Every second class is a guest lecture presented by a professor from a different discipline all of whom will have their own take on the theme for that year. Everyone is welcome to come to those classes so you can bring your friends. The alternating seminars are anchored by Renee Valiquette and Sal Renshaw and they’re just for the enrolled students. Those are the classes where together, we work out how to make sense of it all.

Some of the line up so far: 

Richard Wenghofer from Classics will be opening the year with an exploration of the Trojan War in myth and culture. Chris Greco from Crim is going to take us into undercover policing to talk about child luring cases; Prof K from History will be exploring American Contraception – because you all know Trojan is one of the leading condom brands in the world, right?  Our very own Vice President, Arja Vainio-Matilla is guesting for us in a class on her research area, Global Development, because the idea of rich countries just helping out is not nearly as straightforward as it appears. Denyse Lawrence-Horning, our brand new Teaching Chair in Experiential Learning is doing a class on ambush marketing – that’s the equivalent of huge companies photobombing someone else’s, often very expensive ad and sponsorship campaigns – often happens in the Olympics.  Laura Rossi from Biology is going to take us into the world of viruses and the way they are often hiding in plain sight; In ‘Against Human Rights’, Rosemary Nagy from GESJ is going to tease out the way critics see the whole idea of universal human rights as a Trojan horse for Western culture and Paul Monaghan from theatre and classics is going lead us all the way back to 415 BCE Troy to talk about what the women were saying while all those men were off for ten years fighting, dying and being oh so heroic. And there’s more…computer hacking, sexual purity in religious traditions, all that fuss about the sex ed curriculum in Ontario……

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to email Sal (salr@nipissingu.ca) or Renee (reneev@nipissingu.ca)

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