Because the World Doesn’t Exist in Neat Categories….

After two years of a global pandemic it’s definitely time to play! Join us for the 11th INTD concept course where we will be exploring the best and maybe even the worst of play. Can play be addictive? What does it mean to play war games? What is play anyway? We know animals play but when they play we call it training for life, we call it evolutionary. Is it the same for humans? How about plays? Funny word for theatre really. Here play becomes something more like pretend than practice.  In this case we will tackle one of the darkest and most tragic of the Greek classics – Medea – a woman whose apparent desire for power exceeded even her own wildest expectations. Five centuries after it was written we still have much to learn from this play and indeed from all the ways in which play will accompany us throughout the year.

Once again, we have an amazing line up of profs from Nipissing and beyond who will be joining us as we tease out connections between seemingly radically different ideas and as we practice doing this in the company of others. Stay tuned for our plans to get our hands dirty with some actual playing over the year as we host a staff versus student Board Game marathon in the Fall and an outdoor  Ice Follies Games Day in the Winter. It’s going to be a blast.

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