Welcome to DREAMS…our 10th iteration of these amazing classes. At this point we are at the beginning of the DREAMS journey and so this is a teaser of what is to come. Stay tuned towards later summer as we update the site with more details about the individual classes we’re offering in DREAMS. In the meantime, here’s the schedule so far. We are especially excited to note that we have a guest prof from Western University this year, Sharon Sliwinski, who is going to present on The Museum of Dreams. For those who are interested, check out their extraordinary and beautiful website at https://www.museumofdreams.org – it’s incredible.

  1. Susan Srigley Religions and Cultures           Dreaming of Death
  2. Amanda Burk FAVA                                         Sleepless: In Bed with Contemporary Art
  3. Nancy Stevens Indigenous Studies               Dreaming Ourselves into (well) Being
  4. Tony Parkes Biology                                        The Biology of Sleep and Dreams
  5. Duane Rousselle Sociology                             Waking Up from Nightmares
  6. Darren Campbell Psychology                           Dreaming of Being Smarter
  7. Margaret Owens English Studies                     A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  8. Sharon Sliwinski Information & Media           The Museum of Dreams
  9. Steve Connor History                                       Enter Sandman: The US Army and the  Chemical Cold war 1956-1976
  10. Tyson Stewart Indigenous Studies                    Re-Storying NDN Dreams
  11. Paul Monaghan Classics                                     Dreaming Apollo: The Oracle at Delphi
  12. Denyse LaFrance Horning Business Getting Rich Quick: The promises and reality of Multi-level Marketing
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